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by MrNewbie
21 Sep 2017, 01:06
Forum: DIY Nightvision
Topic: My build
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Re: My build

Hello Haroon,

All those buttons, there is a little more TECH in this build than meets the eye!
You mentioned a DVR, all those that I am aware of run at 5Volts, yet the screen and camera are 12 volt setups....

Please elaborate on the we like gadgetry... :lol: :lol:

Nice build
by MrNewbie
08 Jun 2017, 03:19
Forum: General Nightvision
Topic: eachine prodvr
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Re: eachine prodvr

Hi, does anyone use this recorder: eachine prodvr? Has some funny features, such as having an external monitor connected ... Besides being cheap and seem to have good image quality ... Has anyone connected a recorder of these to exchange ideas? Hello Bolas, Yep, its a good unit for the price. Bette...
by MrNewbie
26 May 2017, 16:12
Forum: Hunting Shack and Gallery
Topic: Cricket vs Racoon
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Cricket vs Racoon

We have 3 dogs, night before last all 3 were barking at 3AM.
They had something up in the tree. Then all day yesterday, they played guard duty around that tree.
Tonight, the problem was taken care of.

Kalibrgun Cricket .22 PCP
by MrNewbie
27 Mar 2017, 06:56
Forum: DIY Nightvision
Topic: Some advice on DIY NV
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Re: Some advice on DIY NV

Try this....

Day vision and NV are not the same...
Adjust your lens at night
by MrNewbie
26 Mar 2017, 21:12
Forum: Hunting Shack and Gallery
Topic: My First yote
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My First yote

Guess I got him..... :D :D :D The top of the fence is 100 its a 100 yard shot. It was an intentional chest shot... Notice the yote running at the hedge line..(230Y), I thought this was the 2nd yote. Nope, it was the one I shot. It made it another 100 yards to the left. This was 2 weeks ago...
by MrNewbie
27 Feb 2017, 00:35
Forum: DIY Nightvision
Topic: Not sure what to call it yet NV build
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Re: Not sure what to call it yet NV build

Splatty, that's a very nice build!!!!

Some thinking went into the above :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
by MrNewbie
23 Feb 2017, 20:55
Forum: DIY Nightvision
Topic: Backyard/Barnyard Hunter
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Backyard/Barnyard Hunter

This was made several months ago, a 3D print primarily for day time recording. But, it does work pretty darn well at night out to 45 yards with a T50. This could be ideal for all the close range rat hunters, and 40-50 yard backyard hunters. Full 1080p video and a TF card. This is the D...
by MrNewbie
17 Feb 2017, 03:36
Forum: DIY Nightvision
Topic: Not sure what to call it yet NV build
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Re: Not sure what to call it yet NV build

Pics not working...for me
Foxeer or Foxeer 2..?
by MrNewbie
18 Jan 2017, 16:10
Forum: DIY Nightvision
Topic: Possible new camera
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Re: Possible new camera

My ideas on this.. 1) Dead/white pixel masking. 2) Digital zoom 3) Slower shutter speed setting, around 20fps..50 or 60 is a waste of light gathering time. The eye only sees around 20fps. 4) 5 Volt tap out on camera, it would aid in hooking up a mini dvr or some other 5 volt add-on without needing t...

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