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by kb1065
12 Feb 2018, 15:47
Forum: Air Rifle Central
Topic: Air fill in an air arms s410
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Re: Air fill in an air arms s410

blueeyes wrote:As Paul says safety is paramount dont try anything with alcohol in you , have a look here plenty of other vids give you a good idea ,so you know what you should be doing :thumbup:
Be better with quick release valves

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by kb1065
02 Apr 2013, 09:54
Forum: DIY Nightvision
Topic: best budget d.i.y camera
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Re: best budget d.i.y camera

brilliant video wish i had your skills for making kit i made a homebrew setup which camera messed up so i went out and bought ns50 only for taking out an few rats down our chicken run about 40 yrds down our garden and the ns50 was not upto it so i sent it back lol, my homebrew setup worked a treat u...