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by some bloke
19 Apr 2018, 09:26
Forum: General Nightvision
Topic: Ns viper vs home build
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Re: Ns viper vs home build

These are the one's I make. The main reason mine are so much cheaper is I don't have to allow a hefty margin of profit to a dealer - nor add VAT because my turnover on them is so low. I don't make one that is only adequate for 100 yards though.

by some bloke
16 Apr 2018, 11:03
Forum: Sales and wanted items, swaps, e.t.c
Topic: Drone pro 10x used 2 times
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Re: Drone pro 10x used 2 times

With the query being answered can I put forwards a thought that flir might have considered young fit service personnel in their prime with 20/20 vision are their mainstream users who would likely have better tested eyesight than some civilian sporting shooters: And that the cheaper display might be ...
by some bloke
14 Apr 2018, 10:57
Forum: Illumination
Topic: Pill Life
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Re: Pill Life

You'll be lucky if anyone on here has such a thing, niether Google nor ebay produces a result on a quick search. Might be useful if you give some more information and photo's about the pill (ideally) or the torch. Spare pills are unlikely to be readily avaialable for such a rare torch - and most rec...
by some bloke
09 Apr 2018, 01:44
Forum: General Nightvision
Topic: Ludicrous lumens adjustment
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Re: Ludicrous lumens adjustment

The BS Ruby has lo/med/hi power settings that can be selected in that order by half presses of the tail cap switch - have you tried that?
by some bloke
07 Apr 2018, 15:38
Forum: Illumination
Topic: Torch for under slung on a OU shotgun.
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Re: Torch for under slung on a OU shotgun.

Opinion`s please on a torch suitable for under slung on a OU shotgun, for close in foxing. It needs to be NM800/T50 size/weight and have the facility to fit a rat tail switch. I'm assuming you quote that type of torch because you have one... with an 18650 charger? At the risk of going back a few ye...
by some bloke
03 Apr 2018, 19:17
Forum: Chatterbox & introductions
Topic: New shooting truck?
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Re: New shooting truck?

Never seen owt about that, must be a best kept secret...
by some bloke
03 Apr 2018, 19:12
Forum: Illumination
Topic: Choose the right IR for the job.
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Re: Choose the right IR for the job.

I think quite a few people buy it because it sounds cool - and someone on facebook said its brilliant so they must be right. :angel: The main thing I found with my red one was the beam edge seemed cleaner, possibly because of less spill and dare I say more round? I gave it to my brother because my o...
by some bloke
03 Apr 2018, 17:33
Forum: Chatterbox & introductions
Topic: submarines
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Some people have no sense of humour: I just asked one of my grandsons if he likes playing with submarines.

As he said yes I said there was one up in the toilet. Wifey was not at all pleased
by some bloke
02 Apr 2018, 09:46
Forum: thermal imaging
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What do you guys think about spotting with drones... day or night. Is it OK? I suspect there's too much to carry about if you are alone, then you'd likely miss an opportunity while you land the craft... But there may be a return home option so you can just drop the controller - maybe. I think the s...