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20 Jun 2018, 23:48
Forum: Air Rifle Central
Topic: Which Stirrup Pump
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Re: Which Stirrup Pump

Yeh theyre fine.

I gambled on one when they first appeared and were 80 quid. Just shy of 2 years and the seals recently went. Theyre fixable, you get a seal kit and theres youtube vids, but im ham fisted so at 30 quid ive bought a new one.
20 Jun 2018, 23:29
Forum: DIY Nightvision
Topic: Photon Extreme Lens Not Holding Zero
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Photon Extreme Lens Not Holding Zero

Hello, Ive been a long time lurker, and discovered the Photon Extreme mod through here, but me finding a decent lens is proving expensive. Ive gone through 3 now all of which would nudge the zero off on the horizontal whenever i adjust the focus. Literally a case of zeroing it, having a cuppa going ...