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by Jeff8861
12 Jun 2018, 15:07
Forum: General Nightvision
Topic: Clives drone replacement.
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Re: Clives drone replacement.

Hi folks need some help with a bit of a dilemma I’m looking at purchasing some night vision and have been interested in the following systems. Xsight4k pulsar n355 and the warden adder. I require something that I can take off a rimfire then put on a centrefire. Really undecided which system to go fo...
by Jeff8861
05 Jan 2018, 20:24
Forum: Illumination
Topic: £30-£60
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I’m after an ir to go with xsight 2 which will go on a rimfire and centrefire.
Due to weight of sight and gun it needs to be light and powerful and within the above budget. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Been looking at the ruby
by Jeff8861
18 Dec 2017, 13:25
Forum: General Nightvision
Topic: X sight mount
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X sight mount

Thinking of purchasing an x sight after Xmas. I know it will need an extended picitinny Mount for my cz 455. Anyone got any recommendations or links for a decent mount