how to add your location

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Instructions on how to add your location and photographs.
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how to add your location

Postby Silent Shooter » 10 Jan 2012, 11:32

Would members please fill in there location in there profiles, it will be good to see what part of the country (world) members are shooting in.

This is a hard and fast rule and we would be grateful if you would oblige.

many thanks

Geoff (the admin team)

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Re: Location

Postby chas » 12 Jan 2013, 20:58

Easy guide.

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Re: how to add your location

Postby sunndog » 19 Feb 2015, 21:58

Thanks for taking the time to do that for us Chris :thumbup:
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when asking for advice, please include what n.v device and/or illumination you already have (if any) and what rifles you intend to use them on...cheers

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