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my media and courts working against my own people...

Posted: 11 Jun 2017, 23:13
by sedstar
you have to cover up any bad crimes by the refugees, you know, might lead to racism...

Re: my media and courts working against my own people...

Posted: 12 Jun 2017, 05:43
by some bloke
That's a truly outfrikkinrageous perversion of justice, even worse than we have over here although things are starting to turn around the silencing.

It's likely to be about protecting the identity of minors or some such crap like that.

Re: my media and courts working against my own people...

Posted: 12 Jun 2017, 08:05
by phoenix
That report comes from the "NEXT NEWS NETWORK" and they are far from a trustworthy source of accurate information

" Next News Network was founded by radical Zionist Gary Franchi as an alternative news source. This source has strong pro-Israel bias and right wing bias with American politics."

To quote Victor Meldrew - "I don't belieeeeeve it!!!!!"



Re: my media and courts working against my own people...

Posted: 16 Jun 2017, 01:45
by sedstar
good lord, its hard to "keep up" with it all? some left wing NUT over here just had a "list of people to kill" and they were all REPUBLICAN politicians at a yearly football shindig. Mind you? his political affiliations? meant that he was "anti gun".

so... a guy who was fanatical about anti gun?? entered a "gun free" security arena, to shoot politicians who were on the other side, he didnt like them.

jesus h christ on a popsicle stick. the lefties lost the big street brawl in berkely a little ways back. now lefties are shooting right politicians.

i dont know. if i get a brochure in the mail, explaining when i am expected to shoot back at the lefties? i'll worry about it then, LMAO

Re: my media and courts working against my own people...

Posted: 19 Jun 2017, 03:48
by Midnight.Sun
According to the local newspaper the story is true, the YouTube link above despite being maybe sort of far right a bit, is actually telling the truth about what happened. Apparently an exaggerated version emerged (that a knife was used) which led to categorising under FN. ... 59434.html

BTW, by far that's not the worst that the muslim hypocrite culture produces, because covertly under the surface the muslim's societies are full of these kinds of behaviour, and their kids are tought by their parents (whom were thought by their's) all kinds of fascist and inhuman criminal principles of islam, like for example -which here fits the Idaho incident- the islamic principle of "wa ma malak't aymanokom" (Arabic words from their holly Quraan book that means: Owning non muslim women by the right hand of the muslim man) and by women they mean females no matter of age, and in fact throughout their history that also included boys, and many of their literature and clerics encourages that part too.

Problem is your western nations are now newly first meeting the real islam, after decades of dealing, accepting, hosting, giving citizenships....... still defending, using, and serving their causes, even offering your armies and war technology to strengthen them, you even unfortunately sacrificed soldiers for their wealthy countries sakes. They used your nations and laws deeply, and they were all along your haters. I completely know them, you don't, and I'm telling you, big things are going to happen in the near to mid future, sooner or later you will have to man up big time, and eventually you will form alliance and head to sort out Islam for ever, just like you did against the similar but much less conning and dangerous enemy 70 years ago, always late as usual.

Re: my media and courts working against my own people...

Posted: 21 Jun 2017, 16:00
by hairyyoda
:wave: Sometime I have "that feeling in my water" that it is a far better thought to "err on the side of caution" when certain subjects and topics are discussed on a open forum "in this day and age ?" etc. etc.
Not wanting to seem over cautious or paranoid but "with all that is going on around the planet" and shooting field sports being "politically and publicly a semi-taboo subject" it may be in the interests of "not wanting to draw unwanted attention to a N/V forum" that "certain subjects and topics and other controversial issues" should be steered around "and not elaborated on"
It is only my own view but with the likes of Facebook etc. "being browsed by whoever ?" etc. etc. etc.
Please ignore my above thoughts and reservations , but sometimes I pinch myself "and think do I really need to go there ???" etc. etc. etc.
Don't mean to offend and sorry in advance but ??? no doubt "google" is capable and able to browse for adverse comments ???
I would like to be very wrong about things but ??? etc. etc.