The blessing of well-being in the Holidays

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The blessing of well-being in the Holidays

Postby Midnight.Sun » 25 Dec 2017, 23:45

Listining to this beautiful hymn "Agni Parthene" / "O Pure Virgin", helps a lot in bringing comfort and peace and strength to the tired ones.

The Agni Parthene hymn was written by St. Nictarios of Aegina, in his Book of Hymns to the Mother of God. Greece, Athens 1905.

The tradition went down in the Aegina monastery that the pure Lady herself apeared to him and requested that he writes a hymn in her name to be sang by people and the Angelic choirs. The original script can still be viewed on his prayer table in his bedroom at the monastery in his name in Aegina. The melody though, was created by a monk in the holy mountain Athos, who also said to have seen in a vision the Pure Lady surrounded with Angels chanting the melody to her honor, before he starts to compose it. Later, due to the wide popularity the hymn had gained, it was translated to many country's national languages by their Christian Orthodox Churches.

This beautiful copy by the Lebanese singer and legend Fayrouz in Arabic/Greek/Arabic transition, consists of the beginning and ending parts (three equal thirds): Starts with the beginning part in Arabic, followed by the ending part in Greek, and finished with the same ending part in Arabic.

Be well all and merry Christmas.

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