How to download photographs to the forum.

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How to download photographs to the forum.

Post by PESCA » 03 Mar 2013, 10:07

Okay fellas, we're guessing that there are occasions when you'd like to download a photograph onto here, to sit alongside your sales ad or conversation. Don't want to tell people how to suck eggs, but I'm sure that there are some of us who are unsure how to do this.

I'll try and explain it the only way I know how, which is with Photobucket (

Firstly, set up an account with Photobucket at the address above. It's totally free hosting of your photographs.

Download the photographs from your computer. It's actually known as 'uploading', as you're 'uploading them from your computer to Photobucket. It's an easy feature to use. Simply click the 'upload' button and then choose the photographs from the location on your computer (makes no odds if it's Mac or PC).

Once 'uploaded' onto the Photobucket site, it's time to use your photographs. It's easier to have two windows open (our forum and Photobucket) so that you can simply move from one to the other.

By moving your mouse over the desired photograph (no clicking just yet), an option menu will appear. The option that we want for here is 'IMG Code'. If you click on this, it will highlight, and now be copied. Next step is to paste the image.

You can now park your cursor where you would like the image to be placed. Now, as I use a Mac, I can't for the life of me remember the keyboard shortcut for 'paste' on a PC, so, go to your header line drop down menus and choose 'Edit". Once open, choose 'Paste'. This should park the image where you desire.

For Mac users, it's 'cmd c' for copy and 'cmd v' for paste.

Hope this helps.