Optex 3000 XL Super Gen devise.

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Optex 3000 XL Super Gen devise.

Postby hairyyoda » 28 Sep 2015, 22:00

Hello all.
I have a Optex 3000 XL Super Gen devise that was produced a few years ago to fit between the body of a Canon XL camcorder and it's lens (like a add-on unit but between the camera body and it's lens) Has anyone any knowledge about these devises, I have a feeling that they might be fitted with "Dep or Photonis tubes. I don't think that this is a low cost item as the build quality is "as good as it gets on all counts" and is very well made, it also came in it's own fitted Pell case with camcorder extension bracket etc. Works very well, question is should I harvest the N V intensifier tube or is it the wrong thing to do with this fairly uncommon N V devise.
Thanks Phil

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