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ferret l200
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Post by ferret l200 » 21 May 2015, 05:26

Hi can anybody tell me where i can get a replacement intensifire tube for my ATN 6015 night vision, im told the tube is a psv 14 gen 3
I have tried every where on line, plenty in the states but no one will ship it across the pond
unless someone can tell me any diferent.
Or an eqivalent

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Re: P.S.V 14 TUBE

Post by Radagast » 21 May 2015, 12:42

GEN III is exported restricted by the USA. Basically it's not available to civilians and govt. to govt. sales have strings attached. You may hear the term ITAR restricted. That means anyone who sends you a tube will go to jail if they get caught.

It may be possible to get a Russian Gen III tube that will fit it from Clive Ward at Nightvisionstore.co.uk , he is a member here as cliveward. Clive sells a PVS14 near copy, so hopefully the tubes will fit.

Carl Moore at nightvisiongear.co.uk sold the ATN range for years and currently sells the similar Armasight products. He should be able to offer you a GenII+ Russian tube ( a step down from American Gen III) or a Photonis GenII+ tube which is in many ways equivalent to a Gen III American tube. Expect sticker shock though.

Last UK port of call is Julian at starlight Night Vision. He lists GEN III for sale to govt. agencies.

Or you can buy a black market one from Germany.
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