Camera 5v?

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Re: Camera 5v?

Post by lightmesser » 08 Feb 2018, 20:42

....Auto Shutter
....Brightness = 85 *
....DWDR On = level set to 050
Backlight = BLC
Area 1 = on
Area 2 = off
........Gain 087*
........Height 006
........Width 004
........left/Right 005
........Top/Bottom 004
....Burst- doesn't seem to matter

....Image adjust
.......Contrast = 160*
.......Sharpness 031 (max)
.......Display = CRT

Love this settings Trackerman. Far better than I had before :thumbup:

But just to confirm once again to myself and public since I have both of them Night Eagle is the best night vision camera I ever had or tried (night conditions, star, moon, half moon, town lights).

But Night Wolf is more IR light sensitive than Night Eagle. So when we talk about new 5V cameras Eagle is for spotter or scopless Wolf is for add on, near eye.

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Re: Camera 5v?

Post by magman » 09 Feb 2018, 13:29

I've just received my Night Wolf V2 and came across the glued in lens that has been mentioned already.

All I did was just remove the camera board and apply a little heat to the outside of the body with a heat gun and the lens just turns out with your fingers without leaving any marks from pliers or marking of the paint.
(a hair dryer would probably do the same trick)

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