Lens for photon xt

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Lens for photon xt

Postby Richard Griffith » 24 Jan 2018, 17:21

Hello.Thinking of a extreme conversion on a photon xt 6.5.know absolutely nothing about cameras and although a mountain of info on here I'm still confused.Could someone please answer the following questions for me 1.i think a m42 adapter will be required between photon and lens2.It seems super takumar lens are in short supply.What makes the so special?3.what does 2.8 mean?Is this magnification or a measure of wide angle?4.what other lens should be considered.5.Assume fixed and not a zoom lens.
Sorry to be so thick but the right info is essential before a total cameras novice like me goes out to spend.Thank you in advance for any help that hopefully will come my way.Richard

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