MTC Viper Connect and add on NV

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MTC Viper Connect and add on NV

Postby simonsays » 02 Feb 2018, 10:42

Anyone any experience of this? I have this scope and its very nice in the day. Tried it with NV and it looked encouraging at home. Nice focus with a gently illuminated cross hair.

However out in the field the image was rather dull and washed out and with far less penetration of the gloom than usual (compared to my regular Hawke Vantage SF scope). It needed med/high power compared to low/mid for the Hawke to make anything out. I put this down to the mist and light rain. On the plus side the focus was much better than with the Hawke.

However testing tonight in the garden the MTC just very poor in comparison. Could be the coatings I guess.

Before I go on a wild goose chase chopping and changing components, can anyone please shed any, er, light (sorry for the pun) please?

To be clear I have two seperate set ups both based on KPC 700s which should have similar performance - though settings could be different I suppose. Same T20 for each so performance difference either down to camera or scope.

Another issue I had was a regular flicker of the image on the screen though this seems to have been cured by twiddling the camera settings and going back to defaults.

I would like to be able to use the MTC/Compatto combo night and day if possible, but maybe the MTC just doesn't cut it as an NV scope? My searches to this point didn't reveal anything.

Any help appreciated. I should point out that it’s probably ok to shoot at air rifle ranges but poorer image compared to the Hawke.


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Re: MTC Viper Connect and add on NV

Postby phoenix » 02 Feb 2018, 12:18

The Hawke has an objective lens of 44mm diameter and that will let in a lot more light than the 24 or 32mm diameter objective found on the Connects.
Also, the Connects were designed to give a much wider field of view at a given magnification than "normal" scopes, but the downside of this is that the eye relief is very short (hence the warning about only using on low or non recoiling rifles)
It might be the case that camera is not in the best position to gather the light coming from the scope.



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Re: MTC Viper Connect and add on NV

Postby simonsays » 02 Feb 2018, 17:35

Thanks Bruce

Good point re light. However having had a play today with two set ups, the screen on the MTC set up looks to be a possible culprit.

I'm still interested in others opinions of Viper + add on NV.

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Re: MTC Viper Connect and add on NV

Postby kelvinmost » 02 Feb 2018, 21:49

Try to build a front attachement from the camera you have, the connect doubles a field of view of conventional day scopes, if to translate it into ‘nightwegian” - it will give you twice magnification without pixelation of the minidisplay you are zooming into. You will need to get a larger front lens for your camera though. My guessing, with 50mm lens, you will be able to get to x8

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Re: MTC Viper Connect and add on NV

Postby hutty33 » 03 Feb 2018, 12:30

I've seen a number of people who agree the viper connect doesn't perform as well as most other scopes with a nv addon - whether it's because they've seen it for themselves or they're just repeating what they've been told, I don't know. I can tell you that in my experience with the connect, it didn't seem to be the best scope for using an addon with BUT the nv I used was a low cost homemade jobby...I didn't try it with other nv setups, and didn't use my nv on other scopes to give a fair comparison. With that said, it was still absolutely fine for my air rifle ranges.

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