Low lux (night) vision thing

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Re: Low lux (night) vision thing

Post by taz22 » 25 Jun 2018, 20:18

Again a update on the night vision thing (not sure what to call it).

I made a hole for the on/off switch and connected all the wires. The more I test the unit the more impressed I am with the runcam night eagle 2. Tested it today in a small room with no windows and no light. Just the small ir flashlight is enough for it to make it as bright as day. Also the OSD on the runcam alows you to have some sort of "crosshair" that is adjustable. Just change the name at the bottom (runcam) to "o" and you can position it everywhere on the screen. Also the timer on the bottom right will be nice to use as a game timer.

Enough talking, here are some pictures.
The hole for the switch.

First the wires through the hole, than solder the wires (trust me, I made this mistakes a lot of times in the past :roll:

And a assembled picture with the powerbank flashlight I am curently using (not ir yet)

Thats it for now. :wave:

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Re: Low lux (night) vision thing

Post by CustomRifleScopesUK » 25 Jun 2018, 23:54

Its getting there, very impressed :thumbup:

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