DIY advisement

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DIY advisement

Post by 3BEIN » 28 Jun 2018, 14:08

Hey gents, requsting some advise from the big dawgs :D

I'm in planing stages for making a helmet mounted NVD. I'm hoping to a NVD housing- tubular, with 3cm diameter and appox 10cm length workspace, and with external battery compartment. I have access to 3D printers. I've tried to read everything I could possibly find these past weeks, and will be extremly thankfull for any advice.

Intent. The better range and picture quality the better :D

1st. I'm looking at EJ230 or E190NUWX camera. Better option?

2nd. Recomendations for a screen? I'm guessing gettting a good screen for 3cm dim can be a longshot.

3rd. Running around with digital night vision will just make you seasick, go for IIT isted :lol:

Thanks a tenfold,

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Re: DIY advisement

Post by taz22 » 06 Jul 2018, 05:08

You could take a look at my thread. My build is almost the same dimensions and does also have a external battery. However because I use a runcam night eagle 2 camera I can use 3,6-5v volt wich make it possible to just use a usb powerbank.

For the display I am using a cheap 320x480 viewfinder I bought on banggood for like 50$. They also have larger resolution if you want to spend more money. Because I used the 3x magnifier as a housing I got the rear lenses wich helped me with getting a much larger eye relief.

I am also going for a goggle mount so it will mount on top of my dye i4 mask. The mount will be made with Gopro camera mounting parts to make it adjustable.

Gr Leon

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Re: DIY advisement

Post by CustomRifleScopesUK » 07 Jul 2018, 17:35

Hi Rudi,

I am also in the final stages of making an NVG rig, ive done many hrs testing and found that the lens is crucial to your build, so you do not get similar sensations to being sea sick :sick: , you may think that won't happen but if you don't get the magnification spot on you start to :sick: :sick: :sick: :silent:

It needs to be as close to your natural eye magnification of x1 as possible, if not then try and go for less, also gives you much better spatial awareness !

Kind regards CRS

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