NV experience

Show and tell for your homebrew nv projects. DIY 'Stickies' here too.
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joe soapy
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NV experience

Post by joe soapy » 25 Sep 2018, 20:09

had a couple of weeks of steep learning curve.

first uo got a 1000 TVL CCD cam from a quad copter that to me gives incredible low light abilty.

outside there is a mix of 940 and 860? IR plus one that gives a mauve light.
found that 2m cams can hardly see some IR yet a sub 1m can see it clearly.
its facinating to be subject to real covert scruitny over a long period and how different teams seem to have differering quality equipement.
Nothing will beat a ...... cam coupled to a cctv on a motorised mount.
first time i was lit up by the 960 i thought the barn was on fire

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