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Re: CRS Addonight

Post by fizzbangwhallop » 13 Sep 2018, 15:14

lightmesser wrote:
13 Sep 2018, 14:39

Yes plenty of guys could comment that 1" is not enough but I think it should not be any problems especially if one have habit to shoulder serious centerfire rifle very firmly. But however there are all kinds of hunters and some of them actually prefer "gentle" rifle shouldering for better rifle float action upon shot. Well in that case eye kick could happen but then that rubber eyecup protects from injury.
I smacked myself across the bridge of my nose earlier in the summer shooting a fox left-handed with my .243 and the WT1 thermal...left arm/hand round the rifle, right finger on the trigger. Atmospherically it was a really strange night... crap image through the thermal spotter and a lot of moisture in the air meant I had to take the rubber eyepiece off to try and keep the lens clear...and my nose got that bit closer to the rim.

Dead fox, blood and a couple of weeks of a tender nose! :lolno: (wasn't expecting the blood and the sore nose! :lol: )

Generally I don't tend to hold my rifles that tightly being a gentle sort. :lol: Think 1" on a .308 might be eye-opening :lol:



A correct grip on the butt & cheekweld is imperative for accurate shooting. :crazy: :lol:

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Re: CRS Addonight

Post by lightmesser » 14 Sep 2018, 19:29

That is one bad experience... So as you say .308 could be eye opener for some guys... But hey! It is much easier to get over that if bacon is in a house. 8-)


That girl from your sig shows proper rifle shouldering. Recoil goes from shoulder and transfers all the way to the butt. Perfect transfer. Just perfect...

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