Night vision goggles kits problem in EU.

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Night vision goggles kits problem in EU.

Post by EU-LTU » 13 Jan 2016, 14:26

For a while i noticed what theres none night vision kits offering websites located in EU.
I found website like that: ... o-tube-kit

My other upcoming project after star watcher is to get goggles for reasonable price for my friend.
The price for goggles in ebay is insane. As i noticed there aint no gen 4 goggles and tubes. Its not matter what tube you using they less or more have the same vision. Tryed to watch over expensive pvs-7 and not impressed me, so now i am looking for goggles in kit width no image intensifier tube.

In US they have nice deals but all of them scary exporting because stupid laws who even not allowing to export devices width no tubes.
Probably will be easier to 3d print the mold and starting to make your own gen2+ home made goggles from painted fiberglass frame and some ebay purchased rubber, optics and plastic elements for batteries who will not reach 1300 eur price range

Anyone know any European companies websites offering that ?

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