NV for rabbiting

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NV for rabbiting

Post by axel » 10 Jan 2018, 15:40

This as probably been asked a thousand times before.
I'm looking for a Nv unit for use on rabbits to sit on a 22rimfire that's good enough out to 60/70 yds.
any recommendations.
Some of the farms around me are getting hit hard with the dog men and the rabbits are jittery to say the least when any sort of light is used.


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Re: NV for rabbiting

Post by warbucks » 10 Jan 2018, 17:07

Hi Axel
If you think you can live with the tv type screen n/v's then the "rigs" that (some bloke) on here sells will give you the best value/performance, and WELL OVER the yardage you want.
If you carn't get on with the tv screen n/v's then a Pulsar challenger with n1000 laser will do what you require--------this wont work right with these's i/r torches.
Best of the lot is the "Wardy's" second hand 700 these's can be bought for around £500, i have one myself, or a new 800.

Over the years i have shot thousands of rabbits from my many permissions, if your rabbits have been lamped, dogged, or shot at you arn't going to have a massive success with a .22lr and n/v.

I am going to a permission tonight, and i know there are at least 30 rabbits there cos ive seen them with the thermal, because this has been shot over 5 years now by me, and lamped by poachers i will be lucky to get 10, thats working on 90 yd head shots with the hmr and n/v, it will be one shot, then the field will start to clear.-------i personally work on 80-90 yds as this is in general how close i can get to them before they run off.

Dave (warbucks)

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Re: NV for rabbiting

Post by some bloke » 10 Jan 2018, 17:29

As Dave Warbucks says - some people like screen types, and some like near eye types - that generally cost more. I'd recomend you get a look through both types over an evenings hunt if you can find someone to let you accompany them one evening.

If you are getting on a bit or have sensitive eyes you may find near eye types sting your eyes. If we could only use near eye viewers I'd have had to give up using night vision because of the irritation they cause my (old) eyes - not to mention the 10 or more minutes I had to walk about with poked eye syndrome in my right eye after using one - even with a filter over it.

If East Leicester city boundary isn't too far you can nip over for an unobligated demo to see if you like one of my screen types.

I sometimes have one ready but best give me a couple of days notice because I generally only complete another after I sell one - I don't have one ready ATM.

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Re: NV for rabbiting

Post by Radagast » 11 Jan 2018, 11:53

If using a digital add on you will need a scope without IR block coating, that has adjustable parallax 30 meters minimum, 10 better.
As mentioned above you can buy a TV screen style add on from some bloke, or spend a lot more for a commercial unit with less performance from Nite Site. These do require an odd head position, chin on stock intead of cheek.
The in line digital add ons, of which the Ward D Vision sold by Night Vision Store (top right advert on this page) is by far the best uses a minature screen in line with the scope, so cheek to stock, but further back.
Dedicated digital night vision scopes ( no day scope required) are the Yukon Photon (works, poor quality lens that many replace, often not correctly aligned, so shimming required - mine is 60 centimeters off at 20 meters!), ATN X sight (uses a high definition camera with very poor low light gathering capability. Works when used with two oversized IR torches) Pulsar N770 (good, but only 4.5 magnification, also expensive) and the Armasight Drone Pro (best in class, but expensive).
All require an infrared torch to light up the cameras. The N770 and Yukon Photon have on board torches suitable for closer ranges. On top of the scope and torch you will need a picatinny rail to mount it.

Tubed NV (think green screen military stuff from movies) is very expensive in the better grades. Works by amplifying starlight. This can be had from Night Vision Store and Night Vision Gear, both linked at the top. Best to consider your budget and do some reading before taking that path. The Challenger mentioned by Warbucks is what we call Gen 1, very limited resolution and light amplification. It was the ratting special before digital NV developed, now fallen by the wayside. Gen 2+ and Gen 3 are the way to go. Up to double the resolution and 70 times the light amplification.

Thermal shows the heat signature of animals, no IR or starlight required. Finds them hidden in the grass, in the hedge, when they are keeping still. Unfortunately a decent used car, or even low end new car can be had for the same money.

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Re: NV for rabbiting

Post by mylar » 11 Jan 2018, 16:09

I have a ward 800 on my 22lr with a mamba scope and t20 ir torch for 60/70 yds rabbiting brilliant piece of kit once set up right

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Re: NV for rabbiting

Post by axel » 12 Jan 2018, 14:48

First off apologies all round for not replying before to you all I don't have much time in the winter to go on line more than once or twice a week if that some times
Thank you for your time and trouble.
You've given me some thing to think on.
also thanks to somebloke for your kind offer.
I'm off to the shooting show in Feb and will have a look at what's on offer.
I already have a gen3 on my 222 so was really looking for some thing simple for the rabbits with out having to pay an arm and a leg.

Thanks axel

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