Pulsar 860 rt which Ir

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Pulsar 860 rt which Ir

Post by Whitester » 06 Feb 2018, 06:54

Morning all, I have purchased the above spotter and so far tried it with the t20 blacksun and the ledray ir.

If I'm honest the picture is a little grainy, the photon xt has a clearer image.

So my question is do I need a laser ir to get the best out of it or do I need to send it back and get something else?

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Re: Pulsar 860 rt which Ir

Post by C.J » 08 Feb 2018, 19:39

I was hoping somebody would give you a good answer to this.

I have a 860vs which I assume is the same without the wi-fi and recording.

I'm using a 25mm aperture ( which I drilled in an old spray can lid ) which sharpens up the picture a lot.

Currently I'm using a Tracer 400 for illumination but I have used a Ward B20 which I now use with my 6.5x50 XT.

I would like to identify the heat sources , detected by my Quantum Lite , with out having to unsling my rifle.

So B22 would be an improvement but I don't know if a BR20 or Ruby Sunranger would be to much IR.

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