Photon RT Manual Adjustment

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Photon RT Manual Adjustment

Post by Phillips321 » 08 Feb 2018, 09:46

Hi guys,

I know the older Yukon photon allowed manual adjustment to perfect the zero, but has anyone figured out how to do it on the newer RT model?

I have to shim my rear rings to get on target at 100yards, which I think is dreadful and not fit for purpose.

I've taken out the 4 rear retaining bolts that hold the tube to the body. And there are 2 small grub screws in the plastic housing surrounding the alloy tube, but with these out there is still no movement.

Here's some photos for anyone who manages to figure out how we can adjust the RT without shimming.

Image Image

If anyone knows of how to adjust this it would be much appreciated, I have run out of digital adjustment and shimming is a 'bodge'. Thanks

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Re: Photon RT Manual Adjustment

Post by phoenix » 08 Feb 2018, 11:09

Those are interesting pics!
They've certainly changed the method of attachment of the tube to the camera assembly since the previous XT.
However I still think there's some sort of ball joint between the tube and the flange you removed to allow them to align the tube to the cameras end.
I suspect that slackening the two grub screws is the right way to go but that, but that there will be some sort of sealant/adhesive additionally holding the alignment correctly. I'd suggest applying twisting and bending between the tube and the flange to see if the flange will start to move. if that doesn't work then repeat, along with a bit of heat from a hair dryer.
Let us know how you get on - I'm sure there are lots of RT owners out there with the same problem.



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