Tubed add on recommendations

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Tubed add on recommendations

Post by muntjackdjb » 11 Feb 2018, 18:27

Hi all I'm looking to get a tubed monocular for my .243 and .22

What tubed units should I look for? It would have to be gen 2 I presume.

Regards Dan

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Re: Tubed add on recommendations

Post by warbucks » 11 Feb 2018, 20:00

Hi Dan.
Have you really done your home work on using a tubed monocular as an "add on" and used one ?

I owned a American pvs 14 pinnacle for over 5 years, used it as an add on, and also with a x3 military lens for spotting. I have a mate thats owned a gen 3 Envis, and a gen 3 commercial grade pvs 14.

All the above when used as an add on work around the same level, when the n/v has to go through all the scope lenses it just kills all the massive light gathering ability of the generation 3 n/v, you have to really bang some I/R power out if your wanting to use high magnification, imo lasers are needed as i/r torches spill too much light and give white out problems when trying to use high magnification, there over twice the cost of a "Wardy 800", and can be easily damaged,------------IMO exhaust the "Wardy 800" route before going this route.

Dave (warbucks)

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