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photon RT zero

Posted: 13 May 2018, 21:54
by bongo
Hi i have a photon RT and i have zeroed at 100 yards settings X=+8 and Y=-44 , the -44 is my concern . If i zero at 50 yards will my vertical (Y)-44 adj increase or decrease from -44 , I would like to zero at about 60 yards but i fear i will then run out of adjustment as max clicks is 50 , I don't want to start messing with mounts again as its been a nightmare fitting various combinations to a sako 85 , I had to put a rail on due to the mount spacing on the tube would not bridge the ejection port and reach the dovetails , and then scope clearance of the rail so all adding height , i do have adjustable mounts i could use but it would again add another 3 mm to the height ok only 3 mm but that's without the moa tilt , i feel is to high above the barrel as it is . any help or advice would be very much appreciated , if at 50 yards my Y adj would be -22 it would make me very happy . Maybe i can keep it simple and just use hold over/under , but i guess it wont be so easy .

Re: photon RT zero

Posted: 14 May 2018, 21:07
by C.J
Assuming you have a 6.0 x 50 then 1 click is 9.4mm @ 100 meters .

so Y=-46 should put you 18.8 mm high (3/4 inch) @ 100 meters .

You don't say what calibre you're using but that should be point and shoot for Photon ranges.

Re: photon RT zero

Posted: 15 May 2018, 12:58
by cliveward

It sounds as though you need a 20MOA rail to bring the Y back into the centre when zeroed.



Re: photon RT zero

Posted: 17 May 2018, 21:16
by bongo

Re: photon RT zero

Posted: 17 May 2018, 21:19
by bongo
Hi all sorry i have not replied sooner , But you read my mind and that is exactly what i have done , resulting in now my X = +4 Y = +35 . before x = +8 y = -44 , 15 clicks is much better than just 6 clicks remaining , and more importantly if necessary i can go way beyond 100 yards , and at say 50/70 aim a tad high , much better than maxed out at 100 . I must say i was getting a bit concerned as i was trying to get the poi down and second guessing if i should of gone for a 10 moa . I hope this helps others , and knowing each click is 9.4mm and a rough guide 5 clicks = 2" @ 100 yards . i found that useful zeroing in the daylight as all i can see is black blob of a target , the one shot zero is very good but for fine adjustment i found it easier .I have a sako 85 in 243 .