Which to go For?

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Re: Which to go For?

Post by Midnight.Sun » 31 Dec 2017, 18:46

To follow up about other brands using rotating switches:

The EVO Torch Dimmer Switch accessory.
As expensive as the Night Master ones, the Evo one goes only from 25% to 100% witch could be enough, unless want to use it with White LED and sometimes needs dim Moonlight level for close up work and preserve the eye's natural adaptation in the dark.

And here's the UniqueFire Torch with a Dimmer Switch included (think so), all for a fraction of the other brands prices! Not much details about the Dimmer Switch, but it's there, along side another regular clicky switch with a removable Pressure Switch that plugs on the side, so much for water proofing anyway :roll:
(Note that price might vary quite a bit according to options and quantity)
https://m.alibaba.com/product/605284187 ... em_details

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