T74&t66 ir

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Cornish fixer
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T74&t66 ir

Post by Cornish fixer » 21 Jan 2018, 19:57

Hi Guys just wondering if might have some thoughts on a prob I seem to have with my ir sat on top of my drone ,when carrying my rifle on a sling I always seem to have to adjust my ir back from right to left to get the ir beam back in line with the drone ? I isally have the IR's set at the tightest setting and I am wondering if the weight of the head of the torchs just seems to make it flop ? The y are set in an adjustable mount ! Would one of Clive's sun rangers have a more sturdy feel to them or am I missing something any thoughts would be gratefully recieved thanks in advance :thumbup:

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Re: T74&t66 ir

Post by blueroll » 21 Jan 2018, 20:44

There is still a little bit of head wobble on a sunranger unless the head is at either end of its travel, but very little, and I managed to align it just by rotating the body in a fixed mount.

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Re: T74&t66 ir

Post by warbucks » 22 Jan 2018, 09:23

Im using a T66 on my Drone Pro.
I used one of them adjustable locking mounts and mine also used to more left to right.
What iv'e now done is buy a weaver raiser rail and use the standard none adjustable weaver torch mount, iv'e had to mess about a little to get the aim perfect (bit of shim at the front of the weaver raiser rail, and a slacken aim and re tighten the drone weaver rail fixing) but it hold aim perfectly now.

Just a bit of general advise found out by "Bryn, Colin G and myself" if the torch mounting come's loose on the drone Pro when using a large torch such as the T66, it CAN EFFECT THE ZERO of the Drone Pro, iv'e used some loctite on them grub screws, no problem's since :thumbup: .

Dave (warbucks)

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