Choose the right IR for the job.

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Re: Choose the right IR for the job.

Post by lightmesser » 06 Apr 2018, 11:25

cliveward wrote: In my power testing a sunnranger focused as tight as it will go, will give about the same power density as a quite considerably wider beamed 50mm aspheric, again focussed as tight as it will go. The amount of IR hitting the target is pretty much identical, but the aspheric has a wider beam to work with and subsequently a lot more total output.

Now if you are having to widen the beam of your IR (to better fill the field of view of your NV device), power density drops off rather quickly.

I re-tested. This time setting the Sunnranger to the same diameter beam as the 50mm aspheric. It was no huge surprise that the 50mm aspheric now had twice the power density of the Sunnranger and would have 50% more range in the field.

I did similar test 2 year ago but with white led(since I can measure with my lux meter) and I have posted lux results on this forum.
So I did same test but with XP-G2 pill and with visible light sunnranger is even worst than T50.
However they look same intensity when I put IR light pill in SR cause that AR coated lenses of SR are not so good for white led as it does not pass blue shade of color led has.

White pill test here:

Worth to mention that SR is heavier than lets say Xsearcher so I really don't understand some guys when they say it is light... It is not... SR is very heavy.

However Sunnranger works good for red and IR setup and it is very good for incorporating into some unique diy builds. I have Sunranger/VF2C addon setup(huge :) ) where SR acts as a battery cradle for 18650 battery and I made that whole IR/screen setup ignites at one press of button. I will have remake that into spotter when I finish mirror near eye build.

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