P60 torch drop-in component suppliers

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P60 torch drop-in component suppliers

Post by some bloke » 09 Mar 2013, 15:20

This is a source for the OSRAM SFH 4715S:
OSRAM Black Series (850nm) IR Emitter on 16mm Star for P60 drop-in modules.

http://www.led-tech.de/en/High-Power-LE ... 6_207.html

This is a source for 17mm driver boards to fit P60 drop-in modules:


These are sources for empty metal components for P60 drop-in modules:

https://illuminationsupply.com/p60-drop ... -p-40.html

http://www.fasttech.com/product/1159000 ... brass-pill

They also list thermal paste and other components.

This is a source for 28mm aspheric lenses, to be used with blackened reflectors which become back focal length spacers when using a single die LED. The lens diameter needs reducing to about 27.5mm by using a sharpening stone etc.


The following two options produce the current ultimate P60 torch drop-in module:

Here is a source in america for custom made drop-in modules, they supply one fitted with an Oslon black 850nm IR but you need to ask for it. Also be sure to ask him not to glue the reflector so you can either scuff it and spray it black - or replace it with the Ahorton aspheric lens.spacer set:


Here is a forum topic from a chap in Australia who makes very special lenses and spacers to wring a lot more light out of P60 torch drop-ins. Scroll down a bit to see the details and check his instructional video. You can place an order on the last page of the thread:

http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/sho ... dlamps-%29

A picture paints a thousand words:
In a nutshell, this is why the Ahorton lens system is so much better than the cheaper Dx lens upgrade. The Ahorton system gathers a 100 degrees cone of light rather than an obstructed 60 degrees from the deep standard reflector because the LED is much closer to the thicker more prominently curved lens. I'll let somebody cleverer than me do the maths but the amount of extra light the lens can collect from the wider emitter angle at it's very short back focal length is very impressive!

Using an Oslon Black 850nm LED, the output beam is fairly proportional to rabbiting range scope FOV and suited for up to sensible HMR ranges with a watec 902H and 1/2" format lens behind a rifle scope at low magnifications which lets the highest amount of light through.

If you are having to deal with reduced imaging performance, through using a 1/3" format cameras or lens, or higher scope magnifications which reduce light availability, or using a DVR or shooting at foxing ranges a torch with a larger head and 40mm ish aspheric lens would produce a slightly tighter and proportionally brighter beam. A 50mm aspheric lens produces a tighter/brighter still beam. An even larger torch head with a 66mm aspheric lens will produce an extremely tight piercing beam for extreme range foxing or poorer performing camera/optical equipment. Look at other topics in this section of the forum to read all about them.


If anyone feels I have missed anything please PM me and I will add it to the list.
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