drivers for the oslon black

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drivers for the oslon black

Post by sunndog » 14 Mar 2013, 15:37

17mm single mode driver for single 18650 ... -5v-127687

heres a pic that dave (some bloke) did for me to show where the + and - goes to on the above driver

as above but for twin 18650's

single 18650 with 3 mode memory ... t-driver-c

my current favorite 12v driver....very easy to add a dimmer too

12v driver for non torch based projects ... tt=1961529

a smaller cheaper version of the above, fits in a 25mm tube ... dp/2082737
oslon black drivers

when asking for advice, please include what n.v device and/or illumination you already have (if any) and what rifles you intend to use them on...cheers