where do you get your air tank refilled ?

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Re: where do you get your air tank refilled ?

Post by pickle » 30 May 2016, 20:13

Well guys what can I say about pcp stirrup pumps - I didn't think about stirrupping I have to confess. You have me at a disadvantage here. Well, um looking on the net they don't seem to get a very good press unless one reads articles from days of yore in Doeville and Gummtart magazines. Well i guess the reviewers used them once, got their bunce and give them back in a hurry after the Seretide. I suppose they may be alright for the odd low pressure top up, however, I only ever met one guy who used one. Strange to say that the night he brought it to the club it malfunctioned and the rimfire boys tried desperately hard to keep their hands in their pockets. What to say without offending - #I just don't know. PCP's are a bit like the EU, your either in or out I guess. On balance and I am slightly, well you know cynical and will (for health reasons) have to stick with the big man and his ailing system. I reckon its about a £1 a top up/fill for me and 50p for a CO2 (about a 60 shots) cartridge for my friend and his Chinese ar which is as good as it gets really. Good luck to you with your pump and notwithstanding the next EU directive on clean air. I really do object to the French burning those damn tyres - think how much air one could store in a pile.

I should have said that indeed PCP's are the most accurate of air rifles as well I know. I should also add now that it comes to mind that it is virtually impossible to 'scrub' water vapour out of air without a very expensive piece of kit. Nominally there is an acceptably small percentage of water vapour in divers resperative air to help them breath properly. Stirrup pumps just don't cut it in my view but they do inspire 'portability' in the peeps.

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Re: where do you get your air tank refilled ?

Post by Manthing » 09 Jul 2016, 22:13

Get my tank filled at Scuba pursuits in Cannock, £2.50 for a 4lt tank.
How about putting all these places on a map, or having a map we can drop points onto.
No I haven't read 6 pages of where to get your tank filled...you think I've got time for that when there's ashootin tu be done :lol:

Edit, 4lt x 300bar. ;)

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Re: where do you get your air tank refilled ?

Post by tolley » 24 Sep 2018, 19:48

Dive 90 Cheltenham not sure of prices not been there for a while.

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