Pellet Trouble?

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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by Cottis » 04 Jun 2016, 08:45

Ok, so despite thinking cleaning air rifle barrels is pointless, i decided to do it. Quelle surprise, it makes no difference. Then fired another 50pellets into the ground, pumped it back up and still cannot group effectively. I even brough the range down to 25yrds and could not group inside 2inches consistently with some wild fliers. This rifle normally groups inside a 5 pence piece at its standard zero range of 37yrds in benign conditions. Even in a cross wind of 10mph at 40yrds should be better than what i achieved yesterday haha

Hmmm, i knew cleaning it would be a waste of time, as tens of thousands of shots thru a variety of barrels over the yrs has shown.

So, im off to buy some accupels and maybe some old premiers if i can find some to test. I will also swap scopes in the field to see if there is some bizarre fault with my trusty scope that ive not zeroed in 18months. Would be odd for this to breakdown at the same time as i literally changed batches of pellets but i need to check everything.

If that doesnt work, tomoro i am helping a mate set up his 7mm rem mag with some 200,400,600 and 800yrd shots. I will use his table to bolt the rifle to and will send some shots down range to absolutely confirm that i have not developed parkinsons overnight hahaha.

This is doing my head but thanks for the suggestions etc. I guess you gotta cover all bases but slightly annoyed i bought some cleaning gear when i knew it was pointless.

Does anyone want a coupla tins of diabolos. Paperweights maybe?

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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by Cottis » 04 Jun 2016, 12:00

All sorted.

Just got back from the field after spitting some Accupel FT's through the S510. Before I did this, I fired 5 of the suspect pellets with the Mod on and another 5 with the mod off. The group was over 5inches ha ha ha. I was literally laughing.

I then fired 15 (yes fifteen) Accupels at the same target and achieved the grouping I would expect from this rifle in benign conditions. Basically a one hole group that covered an area the size of a five pence piece.

So, Air Arms have a massive issue with QC on the following batch of pellets:

2 17.2.2015
4.52 S1 38

I cannot comment on any other batches but clearly these Accupels look well made and uniform in their manufacture (as the Diabolos from AA in fairness) so I will be using them from now one. I need to do some range work to figure out new holding points for various ranges and windage (which is very annoying as I know the old Air Arms inside out) but I refuse to use the pellets if they cannot perform basic QC. 1000 pellets shot through a bolted down barrel out of a batch of say 100,000 pressed rounds would have highlighted the issue easily. I don't know how they test their products but something is amiss with this ammo.

Anyhow, thanks for the various suggestions. I was starting to lose the plot a bit, as I know my gun inside out and shoot it easily more than the average person (few times a week on many rabbits) I knew that barrel cleaning for Airguns is utterly pointless. All you are doing is removing a lead veneer (one of the softest metals known to man) which will then be replaced again immediately when you fire some more rounds through it. That is just idiotic to be honest and I should have known better but now I am money down on cleaning kit, crappy pellets and worse, have winged some innocent wabbits which is unacceptable.

I have emailed Air Arms my thoughts and told them not to bother sending out the replacements as I will not use them again. It is inexcusable.

Going out with the NV tonight to fill the freezer back up.

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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by fizzbangwhallop » 04 Jun 2016, 16:01

Glad you're sorted Cottis :thumbup:

The 500 tin of AA Field Diablo's I bought with the S510 .22 however many weeks ago now have been fine on the drats and I've had no problems with grouping or wandering accuracy... the batch no. for that is 53 17.12.2014 5.52, S0 41. That's with a cheapie dayside and then an Xteme with a 55mm lens on the front.

The 55mm Xtreme got moved across to a mint .177 S510 (too good a price to resist) and that's been knocking over drats with the H&N Barracuda Hunter Extreme's (The ones with the posidrive cross cut in the head) JSB Exacts group about the same.

But then I bought Scirocco's Photon XT for the .22, Xtreme'd it with a 105mm lens and a new pair of Sportsmatch mediums (Hawke mediums are a different height and don't give clearance on the XT's camera housing :thumbdown: ) and I've haven't got enough windage. Turned the mounts round and will try again at some point.

The original 55mm Xtreme sits in an old pair of sportsmatch and that's fine..... so it appears, yet again, that all things equal...... aren't. Might be the difference between the 105 and 55mm lenses but I can't get my head round that at the moment.

Good fun this eh?


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A correct grip on the butt & cheekweld is imperative for accurate shooting....but, heck.....I just like posting. :crazy: :lol:

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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by Cottis » 04 Jun 2016, 16:42

Goid to see you moved away from the darkside calibre wise hahaha. .177 is the only.calibre of choice for me as far as air guns are concerned. Either calibre is so diddly with the lack of ooomph that i place importance on accuracy above anything else. I want to hit a certain part of the rear of the eye socket and only .177 can do that.

Must admit, the s510 is the best airgun i have ever used and coupled with those barracudas, i can imagine you are not the drats fave person haha.

Hope you get your mounting issues sorted so you can blat a few more of the hideous critters. Not had a good rat shoot for yrs since my mates dad sold his pig farm. We used to shoot hundreds of the things and it was only when we got into NV that we realised quite how odd their behaviour was.

Happy hunting.

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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by terry1001 » 09 Jun 2016, 20:17

I normally use strong fishing line to run patches through my air rifles but I make mine up so that it's doubled with a loop in both ends to hold onto and another loop in the centre to take the patch. Doing it like this lets me pull the line back through to the breech without having to fiddle about pushing it through the bore or moderator. For patches I bought some Chinese nail varnish removing patches from ebay which cost next to nothing, use as many as needed to fit the bore just watch out for o ring seals inside the barrel.

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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by Ooops » 10 Jun 2016, 09:03

terry1001 wrote:...I make mine up so that it's doubled with a loop in both ends to hold onto and another loop in the centre to take the patch. Doing it like this lets me pull the line back through to the breech without having to fiddle about pushing it through the bore or moderator.
What a good idea :thumbup:
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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by andy66 » 12 Jun 2016, 13:10

Ive experienced this exact thing with air arms pellets, I swore by them but bought 2 tins about 3 months ago to find the pellets where exactly as you described, groupings of 3 inch at 30 yds and my first impression was rifle or scope but on trying a few tins of other brands it was the pellets. so decided to compare and found that they have slightly changed the shape of the pellet the older one was longer and smother (the new ones looked rough like the old and cheap marksman pellets).

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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by Cottis » 11 Aug 2016, 21:13

Slight update on pellets again.

I had move to.accupell ft to see how they grouped. Well they were very good indeed accuracy wise but they are rubbish on rabbit skulls. They seem too hard and ovvo do not fragment properly which guessing results in over penetration. I have had loads of runners from what felt like good headshots. I know they are for field target work but i was surprised that well placed shots were not doing the business.

Air arms did send me some free pellets from a different batch, so i zeroed the rifle back in with them and found this new 2016 batch grouped as they should. Then went back out and tested them on live quarry and dropped everything i shot. Soft lead is ovvo the wah forward, so will keep an eye out for these batches when i run out again. What a faff.

I guess buying a tin, checking the zero and then buying multiple tins is the wah forward. Sad news for theit quality control but no point making a good shot with a wounded rabbit making it a few yards back to an underground grave.

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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by snoopy » 17 Sep 2016, 15:12

weghh the dreaded barrel clean... pull it through and start from scratch, the cleaning pellets are ok f you use them before n after every shoot, but i still encountered the clean problem any way...or in spite of
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Re: Pellet Trouble?

Post by pickle » 19 Sep 2016, 09:26

Throw that shroud away and cast your own pellets. Mine all go through the same hole at 100yds.

I'll make the shroud, with my thread and needle.

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