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Cans n' Pellets

Postby pickle » 15 Oct 2016, 19:21

Well I got bored the other day and whilst reading an interestin' article in Airgun Vorld i thought i know I'll go and buy some good (lighter) pellets to ruminate upon. So today i shot out to the dump with some old cushions and made a nuisance of myself there and then travelled on to the pellet shop. Chatted to some very nice chaps about scopes. A very nice man showed me his .222 rifle avec scope and I was impressed. On the end of his rifle was a can about 3" in diameter and @ 10" long and I was humbled, and the can had a gold ring (i think) around the midsection. I don't think it was a Leupold scope attached to the end as they have gold rings but this was a tube of sorts with an exit hole at the sharp end. Anyway the upshot is that you air rifle peeps should purchase some terracotta wax and do some ballistic testing. Now this chap in the article in Airgun Vorld apart from sporting a nice beard had something to say. Now this particular hackneyed extrapolation has grabbed my attention; .177 or .22 for hunting. Now I have been looking at replacement 56 scopes to buy for my old ar and looked through a new Hawke scope with milldot thingey today and was impressed. £370.00 quids or there abouts (old stock) and the latest version avec ladder ret being around £450.00 (to order) pounds this month. Nothing like a bit of post Brexit inflation then.

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