BSA R-10

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Re: BSA R-10

Postby mick.c » 11 May 2017, 20:53

Hi I have a mk2 R10 with a XTX tune and Huma reg, the hammer is a bit loud but not Ka-boom loudness but to quiet it a bit more I have a HW mod on it with a length of inner tube on it, it seems to make it a bit more quieter and they are a cracking looking rifle....cheers


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Re: BSA R-10

Postby sauer » 15 May 2017, 21:01

Im at the budget end ...I have a Hassan at44-10
It had a metallic ring on firing ....was told to YouTube it as it's the harmonics of the air moving in the pressurised cylinder .
One baby bottle brush later & a recharge and its silent no more metallic twang on firing wife wants it as she's spotted rats on the bird table !


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Re: BSA R-10

Postby chas » 23 May 2017, 20:55

After lots of research, in fact too much research which left my head in tatters, I have actually bought a Weihrauch HW-110.
It is a cheaper rifle than the R-10 and doesn't have the shot count but I got a rifle from a top manufacturer plus a dive tank and guage for the same price as the BSA.
From what I've seen tonight after having my first play with it I have no doubt that it's a good un, first impressions are very good and see no reason why they shouldn't stay that way.
If only I hadn't sold all this type of gear previously, bad move back then.
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