TFT5" Monitor
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TFT5" Monitor

Post by joesure24 » 07 Apr 2015, 13:14

For anyone eagle eyed enough, you may have noticed we have again reduced the price of the KPC-E700 Camera & TFT5" Bundle on the 1st to £83.94 with free delivery.
You can find the product here:

A note for anyone using the TFT 5", our new batch has a slightly different connector, so anyone buying the monitor separately from today will need the BNCIC-M, found here: ... ne-coupler

If you purchased an older verson, you'll still need the BNCPGPH found here: ... -adaptor-1

Hope that makes scene to everyone. The bundle already comes with the correct connector, so if you're buying the bundle no need to worry.

Any questions, you know where we are!

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