How to Un-Wash-Out a Thermal Video.

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How to Un-Wash-Out a Thermal Video.

Post by Clunge » 27 Aug 2017, 13:27

I'd never used video editing software until this morning, so I'm now qualified to show you how to do it :roll: :roll: :roll:

Often the view on the (often OLED) screen of a thermal imager is pretty sharp and contrasty, in comparison with the washed out, flat view that appears on recordings. The footage can be further degraded on the way up to Youtube.

This is how to deal with that flat washed out look.

I searched for a good free beginners video editor and came up with Videopad. Apparently it works similarly to Windows Movie Maker, which is no longer available.

The first video effect I tried was Auto-Levels ... Bingo!.

Here's how to do it:

Drag and drop the clip into the top left pane (file bin).
From there, select it and drag it into the timeline strip below.
Menu/Video Effects/Blending+Colour correction - select Auto Levels.

That's it.
Then click on Export/video file - and browse to your desktop or video folder or where you want the clip. Choose a name, and click on 'Create'.
It then takes around a minute per minute of video to render the new file (depending mainly on your machine).

The video (from my XQ30V) is closest, so far, to the OLED screen view.

It is a file in my OneDrive. May be best to download before watching.!AiMHMTfBnAeBoAERp0kU8DJwkGUl Does it work for you?

Suggestions of better settings welcome from vid ed experts though the aim is to show a simple method for newbies like wot most of us are.

Edit: 05/Sept 2017 Since writing the post, I have discovered the contrast setting on the XQ30v. :oops: If you set the contrast for the OLED viewer slightly higher than you normally do, then the video will also come out less washy.
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Re: How to Un-Wash-Out a Thermal Video.

Post by pav » 27 Aug 2017, 23:01

I'm still using Windows movie maker

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