Pulsar Lite XQ30V - First Night Out

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Pulsar Lite XQ30V - First Night Out

Post by JW1 » 17 Oct 2017, 06:26

Hi all,

Thought I'd share my experience that I had on my first night out with a new Pulsar Lite XQ30V monocular.

First of all, I've never owned or even seen through a thermal first-hand before so this was all quite new and exciting to me.
I bought the Pulsar to complement my Pulsar XT 6.5 dedicated NV scope. The thermal is to be used as a spotter, then switch to the scope for identification.

First night out was in an open and rocky paddock, after rabbits. I got to the paddock around 9pm, so it was dark and starting to cool down from a mildly warm day. On switching on the thermal and looking through the eyepiece, the paddock lit up like a Christmas tree ! The heat from the day seemed to still be in all the rocks, tree stumps and branches all over the field. Very impressive, although it made it hard to pick out what was game and what was not, I really had to wait to see if something was moving before being able to say for sure it was a rabbit on the ground. After a couple of hours, once everything started cooling down on the ground, it became a lot easier to pick out the rabbits, as they stood out really well.

Distance wise I'd say you could easily spot something small like a rabbit, and know its a rabbit, out to maybe 100m (110y). You can spot a fair bit further than that and know 'something' is there which is really all I was hoping for to be honest. I got it just to be a spotter so I could stay totally in the dark rather than walking around and spotting with a torch.

On the way back to the car, I was walking with a torch and spotted fox eyes, so i switched on the thermal and watched it moving around from about 200-220m (220y) away. Too far for my .22LR to reach but great to be able to see a medium sized animal from that far walking around. Spotted some cows on a distant hill, maybe 550-600m away, and they really popped on the screen, stood out nice and bright when everything else around them was dark.

So far, I am thinking it was a great buy for what I wanted it for. I didn't really test the battery life because I was only out for around 3 hours but it didn't go flat, so that's a good thing. If I was going to be critical about anything, it would have to be amount of times I had to calibrate. After only 5-10 minutes of use, the screen would end up with 'scratch' lines but a calibration would clear that up and make things clearer again. Maybe I'm just being fussy about the picture quality ! Zoom function was pretty good. I know its only zooming the picture on the screen, not an optical zoom, but it didn't pixelate too much.

Next trip out this weekend is to a more forested area, so hopefully not much on the ground will heat up from the day and I will be able to see game a lot easier.

Cheers, JW

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Re: Pulsar Lite XQ30V - First Night Out

Post by wiiawiwb » 18 Oct 2017, 00:56

Thanks for your review. Very helpful. I anxiously await to hear about your weekend in the forest. That is the environment I will be using a thermal in.

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Re: Pulsar Lite XQ30V - First Night Out

Post by Clunge » 18 Oct 2017, 08:51

Good review. You'll soon learn to see foxes and rabbits further out. See other xq30v and quantum lite threads.

If in auto cal mode, it will recalibrate frequently for the first 2 or 3 minutes. After that, it only recals every minute or two....

...unless you switch it right off between views, in which case it starts all over again. The fact you didn't drain the batts in 3 hours suggests to me that your unit was off a lot of the time. "Display off" mode saves start-up time and reduces the recals, but (I think) it still drains the batts nearly as much as fully on.

Video output mode OFF saves a fair bit of battery... ... though you have to remember to turn it on again when connecting to a recorder (blush).

Have you sorted how to optimise brightness AND contrast?

With a hot rock landscape, you know you will be better off before dawn, rather than after dark. I use white = hot nearly all the time.

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Re: Pulsar Lite XQ30V - First Night Out

Post by JW1 » 18 Oct 2017, 09:51

thanks for the tip on the calibration, good to know.

you are right about the battery, it was on and off a few times over the night. video output was turned off, made sure of that cause i read somewhere else (maybe in the manual?) that is was a big battery drain. i dont have a DVR yet, so no need to worry about that just yet.

i tried out the contrast as that is easy enough to adjust without going in to the menus, havent played around with the brightness but thanks for the tips, will give it a try and get that sorted next time i'm out.

dawn hunting would be much better but i'm a lazy so and so, getting out of bed early on the weekends is not good for me :) i can imagine that winter would be brilliant with having cold days and colder nights. i tried the different colour palettes and like you prefer the white hot with black hot sometimes for a different view.

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