Pulsar Lite XQ30V for bunny bashing/ light foxing

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Re: Pulsar Lite XQ30V for bunny bashing/ light foxing

Postby Zetter » 11 Nov 2017, 14:31

Hi Dave

Its starting to look that way I wonder if its worth putting the money towards a better IR spotter that I have. Currently using a Yukon Ranger LT which is a bit of a lump at the moment and isn't as I great as I would like compared to the Wady.
I am adverse to using screen based ones as these tend to spook quarry on my permissions. Although this could all become academic if the rust I have found I'm my Hornet barrel has screwed up its accuracy as I will be looking for a new Centre Fire!

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Re: Pulsar Lite XQ30V for bunny bashing/ light foxing

Postby warbucks » 11 Nov 2017, 15:12

If your at the stage where a screen n/v is spooking the quarry, then the next stage is one shot off, and the field will clear, thermal will have little effect then.
Over the last 10 years ive had over 50 permission's, some have dried up, new owners or gamekeepers that then dont want your service's but picked up new one's.
Rabbits that haven't been shot at before are easy, on a new permission i will hit it hard on a none moon lit night with low winds, i'll get 85% of the rabbits quickly, if you muck about, share it with other shooters the rabbits very quickly wise up then its a couple of shots and the field clears, this all needs to be taken into consideration before spend large amounts of money on equipment.

Dave (warbucks)

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Re: Pulsar Lite XQ30V for bunny bashing/ light foxing

Postby Sussexsteve » 14 Nov 2017, 01:08

If you buy the 23 you will be happy with it. If you look through a 38 or 50 xd xq or helion you will see the difference. Thermal spotter is the way to go whichever you buy

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