Pulsar apex XQ50 Lrf sighting in adjustments!

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Pulsar apex XQ50 Lrf sighting in adjustments!

Postby MUSKY » 15 Jan 2018, 17:55

I've recently bought a pulsar apex xq50 lrf and am having difficulty in getting the windage smack on. It's either of to the right or off the left. The increments of adjustment are 20mm per click which is quite a course adjustment range. I have been told to try using the zoom on full while adjusting it as this is meant to bring the increments down to 5mm. I have tried to apply the zoom and then go into the zeroing menu but as soon as you go into the zeroing menu the magnification goes to its base 2.8 and no matter what you do you cannot zoom in while it is in the zeroing mode! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Pulsar apex XQ50 Lrf sighting in adjustments!

Postby pav » 15 Jan 2018, 18:46

Don't no if it's the same as the trial but in menu to zero when x and y on rite side of screen on the left the a pic of magnifying glass scroll down to it push till u get to what zoom your after push menu again then pic is zoomed then go back up to yr x and y job done

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