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Re: Thermal Scope Target

Post by andy66 » 16 Jun 2018, 10:32

CustomRifleScopesUK wrote:
13 Jun 2018, 20:02
I made a box, a candle was put inside the box behind a metal plate, the plate warned up so you could see the heat as it touched the front target of the box from behind just in one place. everytime you shoot, you would see a big heat signature of your bullet hole, i have a video and pictures somewhere....if i get time i will dig it out as it was very effective !

Good idea, its nice to be able to see the poi without walking back and fourth as it can get time consuming. Please do share the video and pictures. Took my target out to 350m this week and to my surprise I still had a good enough heat source to achieve a 2 1/2 inch grouping using the 223. I could just see the missed impacts in the backstop with the first few shots that saved any walking too. Happy to take confident shots on foxes out to about 275M now.

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