WT1 75-3 Firmware update

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WT1 75-3 Firmware update

Post by THECHUNG » 13 Sep 2018, 10:15

Morning all!

I’ve had mine WT1 75-3 for a couple of years and love it. Not the mount unfortunately though! I had a bracket made and some high end rails from the USA to accommodate.

A question for you all, as Clive is useless at responding to customers (I have asked 3 times now). How do I update the firmware on the unit. He was hinting previously about 3 months after I purchased (mid 2016) that he would let me know, I’m still trying to get him to respond with no joy!! The main reason was battery drain when batteries were left in the unit! Also I hoped it would fix the visibility of the cross hairs on black and white and even give me options to preset for different calibre etc?

Thanks in advance guys

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