ThermApp 35mm lens on Seek Compact Pro??

built your own thermal unit?.....or done some d.i.y modding on/with your existing unit. post them up here
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ThermApp 35mm lens on Seek Compact Pro??

Post by Clunge » 10 Aug 2017, 21:42

Not really a project, just an idea.

The 35mm Therm App lens is available for $750. Probably £750 by the time you got one here.

The Seek Compact pro is available for $500 or £500. Key fact: It has 14 micron sensor pixels.

Bummer fact: It only has a 15hz frame rate.

Put those 2 together, using the range calculator (thanks whoever wrote it!), gives a 90% bunny detection range of 216 metres, which is about 40% further than a Pulsar XQ30V.

There is a review and importantly, a teardown of the Seek Thermal Compact Pro here.

It strikes me that it should not be beyond the wit and ingenuity of some here to rip the lens off a Compact Pro and stick the little sensor bit into a carriage behind a Thermapp 35mm lens.

Could be a good spotter. But 3 questions remain:

1. Is it likely to be worth the effort/cost?

2. Am I missing something?

3. Are there other, more promising lens/sensor combinations out there?

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