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Re: Ooh, new shooting truck

Posted: 30 Jun 2018, 13:24
by hairyyoda
Useful bit of kit you have there Adam, saves a lot of problems in moving awkward stuff about :thumbup: and must save a fair bit of muscle power as well.


Re: Ooh, new shooting truck

Posted: 30 Jun 2018, 20:14
by sunndog
Its amazing phil. In that first pic we had a birch snap in half in the wind so i just drove out picked it up and drove back through a three foot gate into the yard

With a muck grab it fits in individual pens

Our jcb can lift it over a drystone wall with minimal overhad clearance

I used it to cut turf, lay flag stones, carry trees, i made fire hose reel for it when we emptied a fishing pond, transfared a couple of tons of soil from the jcb bucket through a garden gate and round the back of the house, lifting and loading ton bags of firewood, pulling fenceposts then chucking em in the trailer it was towing.....theres just no end to its talents