Opinions about best 4 X 4 Quad

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Re: Opinions about best 4 X 4 Quad

Post by Ranger22 » 29 Sep 2018, 18:14

I use Honda quads, the present one is the hydrostatic model. It will go where others won’t, the weight distribution is very good. The low box and first gear is as low as i’ve seen. It will keep climbing till you get scared! A lot comfier to ride than the newer models, on this one you feel part of the quad. Newer models i’ve ridden make you feel as if you don’t belong there.

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Re: Opinions about best 4 X 4 Quad

Post by rodp » 05 Oct 2018, 21:05

I did about 40 or 50km a couple of weeks ago on my Foreman around green lanes in Wiltshire and Hampshire. Comfortable as anything and as much power as I need. Didn't need to engage 4wd at all, even up some heavily rutted (washed out) narrow lanes, and more importantly it doesn't rip the trail up at all.
Got it set up now with Hardigg storage box on rear carrier for food and drink, camera gear and odds and sods. Got a Garmin Montana on handlebar mount so I don't get lost :lol:
Next weekend we're over the plain so probably clock up some serious mileage, might be a little stiff after that trip.
"Land Rover, the worlds best 4x4 by far"

"Argo, a great 8x8"

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