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Re: The Shooty Mobile

Post by rodp » 06 Dec 2016, 17:55

cliveward wrote:Hi All,

Well it's been on the road for a few days now and has 100 or so miles under the wheels. :thumbup:

I've not been off road with it 'yet'. Trying to keep it clean, in case anything gives way and needs mending. No fun to work on something plastered in mud. :lol: Oh, you've done 4x4 trials as well then
Driving it on the road has been interesting, especially in the wet it can very quickly go from 'great fun' to 'completely terrifying' due to the light weight and mud tyres. :shock: :D You need a swivel chair in it so when it spins you can at least see what you're going to hit :crazy:

It's massively quicker than the buggy and keeps up with traffic no problems. I even overtook someone last night! :twisted:

Top speed so far has been 55mph and that was plenty quick enough, but it had plenty more to go.

So the getting to and from shooting purpose has been covered. It's quick, comfy enough and the heater is excellent! Just need to give it a gentle off road test now once it dries up a bit. :thumbup: Just go for it, and remember "If in doubt, flat out"


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Re: The Shooty Mobile

Post by cliveward » 17 Jan 2017, 16:05

Hi All,

Bit of an update...

Put just over 650 miles on the thing now in the last month, which I think is more miles than I put on the old buggy in total!

I've dropped the tyre pressures down considerably and now it is even comfier and doesn't feel like it's going to crash and kill me at the first slight bend in the road. :lol:

There was a god awful whine from the engine. Fitting a new alternator belt sorted most of that...there's still a bit of whine even when the belt was off, so I suspect either the cam belt or tensioner so I've got those due in from Japan in the next few days. I also noticed when fettling that the transmission rubber mounts were on their way out so I've got a new set ready to go on when we do the cam belt.

I've not really done any serious off road work, just normal shooting related stuff and I haven't needed the four wheel drive let alone diff lock yet. Even on a very wet muddy slope out of a shoot that had the posh computer controlled 4x4s being towed out. :thumbup:

It was really good for the few hours of snow we had last week. Being so light it doesn't carry the momentum of a bigger truck so is very manageable.

Economy is good enough. Mixed short journeys, shooting, etc. is around 35 mpg.

It will do 60 mph and probably more, but a sensible 40-45 is a much more pleasant experience for getting about on the road.

Very pleased so far. :thumbup:



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