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Post by gunnybedford » 31 Jan 2018, 16:02

I have a permission where crows are the main target ( they keep sheep and cattle) we shooting there last year (winter) the place was full of corvids in his cattle sheds eating the feed, and later on out on the fields feeding from the sheep feed troughs, we shot a fair few that year !

However this year has been the total reverse, ive shot 1 crow on his land this year, they seem to be about, but will not go near his cow sheds! have they learnt the lesson from last year ?? or are there generally fewer crows this year ? the sheep are not out in the fields for a few more weeks, so we will see then if they go near the sheep pens, but generally we have the feeling that our shooting last year has put them of the farm ? are they that clever ?

Couple of days ago i put a still born lamb out in a field, put a few crow decoys around it, and then hid up in a fire position with my .22, they would not land ! a couple of times a few flew around, circled a bit but did not commit themselves to landing ? i thought this would be a dead sure way of bringing them in, i even tried removing the decoys and then putting an Owl decoy by the lamb, zilch apart from a few circles around, do you think generally the carcass should have been on its own, i.e. no decoys ? would the 3 decoys i put out possibly deterred them from landing ?

its very frustrating as this time of year we should be neck deep with crows in the cattle sheds, but they just aren't there ! and when we try and put decoys/baits out, little interest is shown !! any thoughts ?

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Re: Crows

Post by andy66 » 31 Jan 2018, 16:12

Had the same issue as you last year. We hammered the crows in and around the farm for a day then returned weeks later and it was a total blank. Tried like you did with baiting on its own, baiting with crows and baiting with a red kite and nothing would land. Returned another day and tried the same again in a different field but we sat 800m away from the bait/decoys with no luck again.

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Re: Crows

Post by some bloke » 31 Jan 2018, 16:22

A stuffed fox positioned over its kill might produce results if you know a taxidermist.

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Re: Crows

Post by stillair1 » 31 Jan 2018, 21:16

Funny things crows, sometimes they'll drop into decoys, sometimes they don't and once in a blue moon they'll keep dropping in and landing even when your picking up the decoys to go home. Good sport with the fireball. :thumbup:

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Re: Crows

Post by hairyyoda » 01 Feb 2018, 19:35

One or two magpie decoys around a rabbit with some of it's guts drawn out will cause crows to show interest and investigate, you need to find out what food supply/crop the crows are feeding on ? don't forget that crows are usually the first to be looking for food almost before dawn in the mornings and very often will be flying to their roosts after dusk. Find a good flight line from a known roost location and position a single cracked egg in plain view and buy a quality crow caller like one of the P S Olt models. Don't forget electronic callers are not a 100% legal when being use to target the same species as the decoy call being played ? Magpie chatter and Jay squawking will cause a lot of interest with other corvids.


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