Vixen Domination 2018

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Vixen Domination 2018

Post by fizzbangwhallop » 27 Sep 2018, 18:03

First two in to the vixen domination call on the Foxpro last night....vixen inside 5 minutes, followed by a dog 5 minutes later. Result.

That must be nearly 3 weeks earlier than last year for me ;)




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Re: Vixen Domination 2018

Post by warbucks » 28 Sep 2018, 14:27

Thanks for that Fizz.
I'll give it a try but i think it might be a bit too soon here in Yorkshire ?

Dave (warbucks)

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Re: Vixen Domination 2018

Post by jackal1 » 30 Sep 2018, 23:08

Believe it or not i have actually called half grown cubs in with it in summer.

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