Mag Mount sunroof spotters.

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Mag Mount sunroof spotters.

Post by some bloke » 06 Oct 2018, 14:36

After almost a year, my errant machinist finally found time to make up some parts for these mag mount sun roof spotters, designed for use on steel sunroofs - so not for you if you run a Landy. :lolno:

See the video: ...

The main parts of the spotter have the same basic format as my regular pistol grip spotters, please read this thread if you are thinking about buying the roof spotter:

Changes are the use of a custom machined stainless steel pivot ball screwed into a metal block that the battery/screen box is in turn screwed to so it can be tightened up with a spanner - thereby not shifting its anchor when panning and tilting the base unit. The switches have been moved to be more accessible from below. The rubber coated magnets are very powerful - I discovered them as a taxi driver for retaining roof signs at speed.

Available at £300 with my usual 5" 800x480 monitor and one meter extension cable - or with an 'FPV' transmitter fitted to a dummy 'lid' in the battery box: Buyer supplies his own First Person View receiver - this one can record the video: ... B01ANOOJ3Q

RMSD delivery is £13 to UK postcodes.

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