Panasonic NV-DS27

Suitable cams for use as nv, with specs here too. Wiring help for cam viewfinders.
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Panasonic NV-DS27

Post by Trident » 21 Jan 2018, 00:31

Hello chaps,

I'm a newbie on here who has a problem with rats in my chicken run which I'm getting to grips with slowly.
I've made a night vision adapter from an old camcorder viewfinder linked to a small camera mounted on the back of the scope - it's a bit of a work-in-progress bodge at the mo but proves the concept. I'm using an infra-red torch on the rifle which I bought some time ago from China, but can't remember where it came from and crucially what the IR wavelength is.
Question: Does anyone know what wavelength the Panasonic NV-DS27 camcorder uses for it's night-shot LED's please. The IR torch I have works really well with it and there is a dim-ish glow from the LEDs when they're on, so I suspect they could be around 800nm. I want to buy a T20 torch to use with the camcorder as a spotting setup, so don't want to get the wrong wavelength T20.
Any ideas please?

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