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Re: Scope for Addonight

Post by jrn » 15 Sep 2018, 19:22

wannabustbunnies wrote:
15 Sep 2018, 12:12
I am looking at purchasing one of the to go on a Howa mini action in 204 for foxes out to 200+ metres but I also need to buy a scope.
I like the sound of the new Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP in 4-16x44. It has the same reticle a s my PST Gen ii but from what I have read digital NV and Vortex don't play that nicely together. Would this scope likely to be the same?
The other option I was looking at is the Falcon M18+ 4-18x44 for around the same price here in Australia. I want to stick with FFP so there aren't alot of options in that price range.
Any help much appreciated
The Falcon M18+ 4-18 x44 FFP is very good with night vison ad-on like the WD800s and a good all round scope for the money . :thumbup:

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