Which IR is suited to your needs with digital rigs.

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Which IR is suited to your needs with digital rigs.

Post by some bloke » 14 Mar 2013, 15:51

Your Infra Red illumination options for your digital add-on type rig:
Think very carefully about what quarry, what range and where you will use Infra Red illumination for before you buy into the illuminator, and if your quarry is 'Lamp' aware or rarely shot towards.

IF you will be using a 1/2" format CCD Watec 902H camera and 1/2" CCD format lens, the following will be all you need at sub 12ftlb air rifle ranges with your scope on or near minimal magnification, and are using a plain LCD monitor.

I'd recommend a simple cheap and cheerfull ultra fire P60 type torch with a 1 watt IR drop in with the reflector blackened and an aspheric lens if you want to keep it simple. They are very compact, lightweight and easy to fit and swap modules between visible red for lamping - and IR for when you fit an add-on rig to your lamping scope:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UltraFire-CRE ... 0676799366



http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flashlight-La ... 0825334417

Torches and illuminators work better if fitted below the barrel so there is zero chance of any reflection from the rear of your sound moderator reflecting bac to your scope.

IF you are going to use smaller/cheaper 1/3" format cameras or lens other than the matched ones above, or use your scope at much above minimum magnification, or use a DVR for recording videos to upload to YouTube, or use the rig at ranges further than unlicensed air rifles you will need better P60 torch modules, better aspheric lenses, or more capable custom built illumination in proportion to the increased range you will be using them at.

A way of soldering better components to the above IR torch pills is detailed here:


A better P60 host aspheric lens system is made available from a chap in australia:

http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/sho ... dlamps-%29

The last item above with an Oslon black 850nm IR LED, with the camera and lens I have linked to is good for up to sensible HMR ranges at low scope mags. That is what was used for the following video, bear in mind that it was a recorded with a fixed mag scope that has no focus, was used by this old bloke with dodgy eyes viewing a small screen DVR, and has deteriorated in quality by the time it was uploaded to Youtube and down loaded by you. If it was used with a plain LCD monitor the image would have been very much clearer. The first two rabbits were shot at 85 paces:


At much longer ranges you WILL need better illumination. Take a good read up of the illumination section. There are constant improvements regularly being found or explained by lots of very clever and help-full members. What is the best currently available this month is likely to be improved on in following months.

If you build a 'scopeless' rig you will need very little IR lighting.